Analytec Sonic HornAnalytec Sonic Cleaning System is a low frequency high energy on-line acoustic cleaning device driven by compressed air or other gases or steam. The compressed air activates the titanium diaphragm, which is the only moving part in the Horn, causes the vibration and produces the high intensity and low frequency sound. Dust particles clinging to the surface are dislodged by sound wave’s vibrational energy. The wave pressure fluidizes particles by breaking their bond with each other particles and the surface to which it clings. Once fluidized, particles will fall from the surface by gravity or will swept along with the gas flow. The fluidizing effect is compounded in an enclosed space where large, solid surfaces reflect sound waves, creating a homogeneous vibrational energy field.

Benefits and Application: Bag House – Reduce pressure drop across Bag House and save power on the Fan. Decreased mechanical cleaning of the filter bags to extend bag life and provide more efficient cleaning. Increase in the air to cloth ratio, thus lowering the capital cost by eliminating whole compartment or reducing the no. of bags for new Installations. ESP – Enhance the Precipitator efficiency by increase in running time and reduction in time required for cleaning. Reduce opacity problem. Increase the life of the emitting and collecting electrodes by replacing the existing Rapping mechanism with Sonic Cleaning System. BOILER- Enhance efficiency of Pre Heater, Evaporator and Economizer with improved cleaning of Tubes. ID FAN - Eliminate ID Fan Blade accumulation, fouling of Turning Vanes. HOPPER-Remove plugging of Hoppers and Ducts. Reduce Down time in all the above equipment.

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