A. Wastewater Treatment and Recycle Systems

  1. Compact Wastewater Treatment Plants and Splitting Chemicals for Paints, Metal finishing, Car / Truck wash, Textile Printing, Latex, Glue, Paper board manufacture. Visit www.enviro-chemie.com for more details.
  2. Probiotic Products Biooxidator, Nutracomplex, Detox for activating the Biological Treatment Systems and Control of odour from exhaust gases.
  3. Flymarator - Radial Jet Submersible Aerator for high oxygen transfer efficiency and deep shaft Aeration Tank design.
  4. Inclined Plate Clarifier - compact, power saving, quick settling and Oil Skimmer.
  5. Green Gobbler - Bio - composting Bacteria for converting agri-waste to manure. Visit www.epacor.com for more details.
  6. Digital microprocessor based Meters for TDS, pH & Sound level etc.
  7. Consultancy for new ETP/STP, revamping, modification and expansion and O&M.
  8. Gramicid - new Generation, eco-friendly, edible Biocide for sterilization of water and other food products and sanitation of equipment and control of algae in Cooling Tower and its water circuit and other products for Protection from Silica, Hardness Scale, Corrosion.


B. Air Pollution Control

  1. Sonic Horn for on-line cleaning of ESP, Bag Filter, Multiclone, ID Fan, Hopper, Boiler, Ducting.
  2. APS Atomizing Nozzles for fugitive Dust suppression Humidification, Gas Conditioning Tower, Man-Cooling, Cooling Tower etc. 
  3. Odour / VOC Control in air pollution and Wastewater treatment.


C. Products for Trading for Aquaculture / Animal Feed Industry

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  1. Probiotic Solutions, namely AQUA O2 and AQUA FEED : These products will strengthen the natural immune system of shrimps, clean up the tank/pond bottom, increase the dissolved oxygen level to 6-8 ppm and create an Eco-system for the symbiosis coexistence of Aerobic bacteria and shrimp. It is applied in Hatchery and Farms.
    • Prime, Super Prime, Standard, FAQ Fish meal (50 Brands from Peru, Chile, Danish, Russian etc.,)
    • Crude, Semi-refined fish oil / menhaden fish oil
    • Salmon Meal
    • Antarctic Krill Meal, Krill Hydrolysate
    • Antarctic Crustacean Meal
    • Russian Pollock White Meal
    • Arctic Trawler - Yellow Fin Sole Meal
    • Crab meal, Shrimp meal 31-33%P
    • Costa Rica Tuna Meal - 55%P
    • Feed Grade Whey Powder - Vital Wheat Gluten - 82%
  3. Animal Feed Ingredients
    • Corn Gluten Meal - 60% Protein
    • Meat and bone meal - 50% P
    • Hydrolysed Feather meal - 80% P
    • Poultry by-product meal 60-64% P
    • Di Calcium Phosphate / Mono Calcium Phosphate
    • Maize, Soya Meal
    • Coated Ascorbic acid
    • Bakery by-product meal
    • Molasses Yeast (Ring dried and spray dried)
    • Brewer's Yeast - Spray Dried
    • Blood Powder / Plasma Powder - Spray Dried -89%P
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