We, in association with our Principals, M/s. International Environmental Solutions Inc., USA, offer Probiotic Products for the reduction of BOD, COD, Sludge, Suspended Solids, Colour and odour in the Water Treatment Plants. Probiotic Products are Pro-biological Stimulants, Buffers and Nutrients, which improves the efficiency of microorganisms. Probiotics are designed to work with indigenous microbes in Wastewater Treatment Plants to create healthier, more effective microorganisms that are better able to stabilize and reduce the waste. Probiotics assists the Microbes in establishing and maintaining a more efficient life function, which is useful in accomplishing many positive environmental objectives. The highly active microbes speed up the natural reduction of Pollution by allowing the Pollutants to become a food source for the microbes. Solid reduction, reduced BOD, COD, less sludge hauling and decrease in the use of inorganic chemicals are some of the benefits of using Probiotic Products. We have more than 100 Effluent and Sewage Treatment Plants using these Products successfully in India alone.

Our Probiotic Solution comes under the category of Pro-biological Products and not Enzymes or cultured bacteria. Probiotic is just opposite of antibiotic. It will work with and support indigenous microbes, which will help to create an Ecosystem to build up the Aerobic bacterial population (MLSS/MLVSS) and higher Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels. It will also create condition for the proliferation of cyno and photosynthesis bacteria, which will be primarily responsible for creating elemental oxygen in water. Apart from this, our composition, Biooxidator has small energy systems, which are capable of splitting water molecules, thereby producing elemental oxygen. It is nothing but rebuilding Nature in the Effluent Treatment Plant.

Application is very simple : Manual, once in a day or twice depending on the size of the Treatment Plant. It is added at the inlet of the Aeration Tank.

Dosage : 0.5 to 3 PPM depending on the influent/feed rate & the design adequacy of the ETP

Products : BIOOXIDATOR is the bacteria stimulant and NUTRACOMPLEX, a complex mixture of micro and macro nutrients and DETOX will detoxify the effluent against any toxicity due to oil, disinfectant, heavy metals, petroleum hydrocarbons etc. Either one or more Products are dozed depending on the nature and characteristics of the effluent. 

Pricing : The cost of treatment varies from Rs.2/- to Rs.12/- for treating 1000 liters of effluent.


Effluent Parameters
Inlet to Aeration Tank COD/BOD
Outlet of Aeration Tank COD/BOD
Reduction of COD/BOD %
MLSS in Aeration Tank (1 or 2 Tanks)
D.O. in Aeration Tank
Colour of treated effluent
Type of Industry
Probiotic Application
1. Flavours, Fragrances and Food Acids Before 3,000/1,450 240/30 92/98 2500/2000 0.6/0.8 Pale Yellow
After Same 120/10 96/99 9000/7500 2.5/4.4 Colourless
2. Sewage / Canteen / Toilets Before 735/412 175/30 76/92 500 N.M Turbid
After Same 90/6 87/98.5 3500 N.M Crystal Clear
3. Milk Processing Before 2200/1200 548/102 75/91.5 1500 N.M Turbid
After Same 224/10 90/99.2 4500 N.M Crystal Clear
4. Molasses based Distillery of Bulk Drug Unit Before 30,000/14,500 18,500/6,500 38/55 N.M N.M Opaque & Dark
After Same 9,500/1,800 68/88 N.M N.M Transparent & Reddish
5. Bulk Drug (new Unit start up) After 5,000-3,000 700-500 85 3500 N.M Clear

Note : N.M.- Not Measured
All the above figures are measured in ppm or mg/litre

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