Gramicid an eco friendly halogen free edible Biocide, which has a rapid germ killing effect from low to high temperatures. It generates neither smell nor taste and has no toxic effect. This can be used in controlling the mold and fungus etc., and ensures a long life during storage for Meat and food products, Vegetables, Cut Flowers, Milk etc.,

Gramicid is a multi-component complex formulation of high concentration (48%) Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver in cationic form. Gramicid effectively and completely destroys all microorganisms including viruses, spores, gram positive & gram negative bacteria. E-Coli, bacteriaphages, including legionella, salmonella, fungi, protozoa, algae and bio films. It does not develop any resistance. It can replace halogens, aldehydes, phenols, quats etc., more safely and economically without comprising 100% hygiene condition.

1. Application

Surface disinfection : Gramicid can be used for disinfecting the manufacturing equipment, pipelines, Pasturiser, tanks, containers and closures to make them sterile @ 0.3% for 15-20 min. Mopping of floors & walls @ 0.5% to 1% concentration.
Filter / PHE / Piping / Vessels etc., Sterilization including cartridge @ 0.1% to 0.5% concentration. Reverse Osmosis Membrane @ 200 ppm dosage.
D.M. Plant : D.M. Plant inclusive of Resins, PSF, ACF, Micron Filter can be sterilized by use of Gramicid @ 0.1% concentration.
Water Disinfection : Gramicid when added at @ 10 ppm to 25 ppm makes water totally sterile, which helps in increasing the shelf life of the Mineral Water or any formulation.
General Disinfection : Gramicid can be used for hand, feet, gloves and apparel disinfection @ 0.1%. In Mineral Water Industry, Cans and Bubble Tops are disinfected using @ 0.2%
Room Fumigation : 30 ml of Gramicid after dilution in 970 ml of water has to be sprayed in 1500 sq. feet room and keep it closed for 15-30 minute to make 100% sterile.
v Floor mopping @ 0.5%.
v Product disinfection : Meat, Sea Food, Vegetables, Fruits, Cut Flowers, Mineral Water etc.,
v Gramicid - C - has Biocidal, Fungicidal, Algaecidal action and prevents growth of spores and Protozoa and bio filming for Cooling Tower and Cooling Circuit.

2. Industries

Drinking Water :- Raw Water and Mineral Water, Cans and Bubble Top Cleaning etc.,
t Animal Farms :- Poultry, Aquaculture Ponds, Hatchery, Horse Stable, Zoo etc.,
t Hospitals and Clinics :- Operation Theatre, Sterilization of Surgical Instruments, Blood Banks, Walls, Floors, Indoor Air Quality etc.,
t Agriculture :- Vegetable and Fruits preservation, Cold Room Sterilization, Prevents spoilage of Flowers, Stems etc.,
t Food and Beverage Industry :- Breweries, Bottling Plants, Food Preservation, Bakeries, Fish and Meat Processing etc.,
t Swimming Pools and Water Parks
t Pharmaceuticals :- Formulation, Liquids, Ointments, Tablets, Bulk Drugs, Fermentation, Parental Preparations etc.,
t Dairies :- Ice Cream and Cheese Production, Milk Packing Units, Sterilization of Pipelines and Equipment, Milk Receiving and Products Storage Tanks, Milk Tankers, Floor Washings, Packing Room Sterilization, Can and Bottle washing etc.,

3. Test Reports
The Products have the approval of the following National Laboratories and Agencies

National Chemical Laboratory, Poona
State Public Health Laboratory, Maharashtra Govt.
Bombay Veterinary College, Parel, Mumbai
Municipal Corporation of Greater Bombay
Indian Drugs Research Laboratory, Pune
Indian FDA Approved
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