Flymarator is a fine bubble Submersible type Aerator designed to use in

  • Activated Sludge System
  • Regeneration of Polluted Surface water such as Lakes and Canals


It operates completely submersed in water. The Turbine impeller rotates inside the Aeration Housing creating vacuum. Due to the negative pressure, air in dawn Inclined Plate Clarifierfrom the atmosphere through an air supply line. At the same time, water enters the Turbine through opening between the Motor and Aerator Housing and it is thoroughly mixed with air before being discharged through diffusers at a high velocity, causing easy and faster diffusion of oxygen from air to water side.

It can be installed in a stationary position at the bottom of the Aeration Tank supported by its own weight, or by Guide Bar System or in a Floating Position depending on the requirement.


  • It has a squirrel cage AC Induction Motor with Class F Insulation. It is manufactured by Flygt Ltd., Sweden and designed for submerged duties up to 20 metres.
  • High Oxygenation efficiency and thorough mixing and propulsion of liquid resulting in savings in Power
  • It can be easily adapted to various operating and site conditions
  • The construction is sturdy, simple and it can easily installed and maintained.
  • The unit can be taken out for repair and maintenance without emptying the Tanks.
  • For increased oxygenation requirement, compressed air or pure oxygen line can be connected to the aspirating tube.

The oxygen transfer efficiency is Tank Specific and related to the characteristics of the effluent. However, it can vary from 1.5 to 2.5 Kg Oxygen per HP. The Model ranges from Power rating from 1 HP to 50 HP for depth from 2.5 meter to 6.5 meter. The contact us for right selection and Pricing.

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