Aps Atomizing Nozzle The system is designed and manufactured to control virtually all types of breathable and fugitive dust ranging from 0.1 to 800 microns. The system utilizes dual water/air high pressure Atomizing Nozzles to Aps Atomizing Nozzleproduce ultra fine droplet fog. The fog achieves dust suppression by impacting and agglomerating with dust particles. The water consumption is as low as 0.1%, thus eliminating water source and disposal problems.

Applications : Screening, Mixing, Crushing, Conveying, Dumping, Loading, Packing in the processing of metal ores, chemicals, coal, quarry rock, dry food processing products, sand and drift sifting. Application of APS Dry fog Nozzles – Humidification, Evaporative Gas cooling, Cooling Tower, Wet Scrubber, Man Cooling and any application to produce liquid spray of 1 micron.