Innovative technology for Ambient Scenting and Odour Control.


GRG Enviro in association with Prolitec USA - - is now introducing an Innovative odour control and ambient scenting Technology to the Indian market. Prolitec develops and provides innovative airborne technologies for infection control, odor cancellation, and the use of scent for positive emotional and physiological experiences.

This state of the art technology has the following distinctive features compared to conventional aerosol treatment using a propellant solvent and dry gel fragrance mild heating assisted by Fan.

We offer Table top, Wall or ceiling mounted and HVAC mounted depending on the area to the scented.
Aerosol Droplets
Prolitec Droplets
  • 1,000,000 times heavier
  • Dispersion is uneven
  • Leave wet deposits
  • Saturate the olfactive
  • Low olfactive efficiency
  • Float in the air up to 14 hrs.
  • Strong & uniform dispersion
  • Leave no deposits
  • Do not saturate the olfactive
  • High olfactive efficiency
  • Micro-droplet Technology: effective air treatment @ 1ppm
  • Droplet size of 0.5 micron consistently from aqueous and non aqueous fragrances.
  • Fully programmable delivery system for scent intensity, time of operation.
  • Proprietary odor-cancelling molecules.
  • Uniform coverage of entire area leaving no residues.
  • Main Reception area
  • Restaurants
  • Toilets and Restrooms and STP area
  • Aroma Therapy and Leisure Centers
  • Solvent and other noxious odour from
    Manufacturing Area
  • Odour from kitchen and dump yard.
  • Smoke control in Bars/Clubs/Play area
  • Use power of scent as proven and
    powerful marketing tool
  • Hotels, Hospitals, Conference Halls
  • Corporate and IT Parks
  • Airports
  • Business and Commercial Centers
  • Movie and Theatre Halls
  • Merchandize, Branding, Retail
  • Health and Fitness spa
  • Health care and assisted living
  • Residential sector
  • Temples and Pray hall.
  • Air-treatment Fragrances are safe for use in human-occupied spaces and comply with EPA, IFRA, RIFM, Toxic control act, and OSHA Standards:
  • LEED has certified that using Prolitec product will qualify for points under innovative environmental control measures to Improves Indoor Air Quality and Occupant Comfort leading to significant improvement in overall indoor environmental quality.
Customer using Prolitec Ambient Scenting Machine
  • Joyalukkas India Pvt Ltd.,
  • Malabar Gold
  • Marina Tower, Chennai Ramada Inn Group
  • Jaypushpam Hotels
  • Dindigul Thalappakkatti Hospital
  • Taj Club House
  • Taj Coromandal
  • Vestas Technology
  • Express Avenue Mall















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